Fee Structure

2008 fee structure for all government-approved debt counsellors in South Africa.

These fees are subject to change according to current legislation by the National Credit Regulator.

For your initial assessment and placing you under the Debt Review program
R50 + VAT + any bank charges

  • (Bank transfer: R57)
  • (Cash deposit: R72)
Lifeline Debt Solutions do not charge you an upfront fee.

Once we have completed your application, we will be able to establish whether you are over indebted or not, and inform your creditors accordingly.

At this stage we will assess the amount you are able to pay towards your creditors on a monthly basis.

Your monthly payments will be made to a government appointed Central Distribution Agency. There will be an initial set up fee. This fee will vary depending on the size of your monthly payment but will not exceed R6 000 + VAT.

5% of monthly payments to the Central Distribution Agency will be charged to a maximum of R300. Thereafter it will reduce to 3% in year three.

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